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If you're worried about your business shutting down, hire hospital-grade cleaners to keep everyone safe.

With illness spreading throughout the world and now in Connecticut, the “wait and see” game of the past half-dozen weeks has been exhausting. But while we wait on rumors of scientists working on vaccines with no tangible news, there are steps you can take today to not only keep yourself and your family safe, but to play your part in the global effort to keep all of us safe.


The strategy that both the CDC and the WHO are taking right now is prevent, not cure.


We would love to be your partners in keeping our corner of the world safe.

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How You Can Take Back Power


Educate Yourself About Myths & Facts at


Wash your hands for 30 seconds a minimum 5 times a day


Work with us to sanitize your workspace, school, or home

What Our Business Clients Say

Love this company! We are a boxing gym out of East Hartford. As you can imagine, it gets pretty filthy here. Clean your spaces staff came in and left the place spotless and smelling brand new. 

Bare Bones Gym, East Hartford, CT

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Pick the level of disinfection that's right for your home or business

Like every organization, every business is different. We offer 5 effective levels of safety so businesses who risk to lose the most during an epidemic can be confident in stopping any workplace transmission of illness, while small businesses can still find an option that fits them.

When you contact us we will schedule a free no-obligation visit to your building where we will take a biological sample of your building and send it off for testing so you can make a better and more informed decision during a time with so much misinformation.

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The Outbreak Experts are a specialized cleaning team by Spaces, a Connecticut-based business with over 20 years of experience with hospital cleaning, damage remediation, home design, and more.

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